O.V. Williams

Financial Advisor

     O.V. aka "The Big Dawg" has gone from running touchdowns in for the Minnesota Gophers to becoming a businessman. What he loves best is the personal production and agency building of a company.   As the Independent Channel Sales Leader, he drove new sales in from record heights while building an aggressive sales culture. As Head of the HBCU Urban Markets Initiative, OV has launched a exciting sales/marketing strategy.  When reflecting about his career,  OV is proud of the accomplishments that he and his team have made on the HBCU Urban Initiative. He is committed to the HBCU Urban Strategy and will continue to strive by building upon this established foundation.

     OV has achieved objectives of being a corporate leader, where he did find success in those previous positions.OV has been a regular contributor to the community and has helped many clients over the years. He has had great experiences in his role as an Investment Adviser Representative.  OV is a very competitive person and his motto is " one band, one sound... see you at the TOP."  He strives for being the best at anything he does. He works hard to be a great mentor and role model.



Phone (386)-254-2925
Fax (386)- 258-5869
Website ovwilliams.com